Why is mobile app development is so important for your business in 2023?

Why is mobile app so important for your business?

No doubt about it, we live in a different era now. A short while ago, only huge corporations and businesses were thought to use mobile applications. That chapter of the story, however, is over and done with. Today, most small businesses use mobile apps to improve customer service and return on investment. You will finally see why is mobile app so important for your business.

The business world has evolved beyond the days of passing out flyers, publishing ads, putting up billboards, and having your technical staff answer all of your customers’ questions. The majority of people nowadays just use their mobile phones, therefore, you should too.

I know what you’re thinking, and it goes something like this: “I don’t need mobile apps to sell my items to my loyal clients.” Whether or not there is a mobile app available, I will always remember them. This may be the case now, but in the not-too-distant future, things will change drastically, and you should get ready.

I believe that company mobile apps are the engine that propels growth and success. Disagree with me? By the time you finish this post, I have no doubt that you will be on my side.

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Mobile app is a king to boost businesses growth

Mobile phones have evolved from merely being communication tools for making and receiving calls and sending text messages. They’ve evolved into a potent promotional tool for modern enterprises. Why? Considering that these portable electronic gadgets serve as a link between customers and businesses. 

If this is the case, then mobile apps must be more popular than websites. Customers are always on the lookout for a quick and easy solution. As a result, they are expected to check business apps rather than Google the businesses’ websites and gather information.

  • More than $935 billion will be made from mobile app sales by 2023.
  • A total of 1.96 million apps can be found in the Apple App Store.
  • The Google Play Store currently hosts 2.87 million unique apps.
  • Twenty-one percent of millennials report opening an app fifty or more times each day.
  • Nearly half (49%) of smartphone owners access their favorite app 11 times or more every single day.
  • The majority of Americans’ time spent with digital media is spent on mobile applications.
  • The typical app consumption per smartphone user is 10 per day and 30 per month.

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Companies that don’t change with the times and customer tastes are likely to fail in the competitive business world of today. 

Why it’s compulsory for you to have mobile apps for your business? 

Your business must make it simple for people to do business with you. The following data will help you better understand why a mobile app is essential for your company.

Global Mobile Apps Download

Without downloads, mobile apps can’t thrive.

It may seem basic, yet this is something that businesses frequently forget. Even if your app is the best in the world, it won’t be profitable if no one uses it.

But I have some good news for you. The data from 2016–2022 demonstrates a clear increase in the use of mobile apps. In 2019, there were 200 billion mobile app downloads, but by 2022, that figure had risen to 255 billion and beyond.

Source: Statista
Mobile apps download till 2022

However, never lose sight of the fact that your mobile apps must include all the standard functionality found in mobile apps and also satisfy the needs of your target audience.

Popular activities on apps worldwide

Source: Statista
From 2021 to 2022, the most popular smartphone app usage

A survey of smartphone users was conducted between July 2021 and June 2022 in various countries around the world, and the results show that a sizable percentage of those people utilize mobile apps to obtain services (of any type)

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Mobile app spending

In the third quarter of 2022, consumers spent roughly 4.86 US dollars on mobile apps per smartphone, down from 10.64 US dollars in the fourth quarter of 2021. Between Q1 and Q3, 2022, consumers’ spending on mobile apps tended to go down, with some changes from quarter to quarter.

Source: Statista
Average consumer spending on Mobile apps in different quarters 

Although the spending rate isn’t quite as rapid year over year, it is still expanding.

The majority of users that spend money on mobile apps fall under the categories of gaming apps, etc. However, since it costs nothing to download service-oriented mobile apps, it is useless to think about investing money on user acquisition for business apps.

How will a mobile app benefit your business?

Compared to a website, a mobile app has the following benefits:

  • It’s the most personal and effective method of interacting with clients and customers.
  • This is a boon to the satisfaction of the business’s clients.
  • It raises brand recognition.
  • It serves as a valuable outlet for spreading the word about your company.
  • It’s a solid foundation for a successful customer loyalty initiative.
  • It gives you a leg up on the competition.
  • Through the use of superior mobile applications, you will provide special services to your client.

It’s time for me to ask you some serious questions now.

Do I really need a mobile app for my company?

Of course, that relies on the nature and goals of the company. An app is unnecessary for a chain of brick-and-mortar bakeries because (1) demand exceeds supply at all times and (2) expansion is not in the cards.

As with other fields… You must use the online if you want to get better results.

In designing a mobile app, what factors should your business take into account?

There are many sectors that could greatly benefit from the mobile app. Business entities in the following sectors should initially consider creating the app:

the travel industry, including hotel and resort discovery; flight and rental car reservation; route planning, and navigation;

  • healthcare – doctor visits, making doctor’s appointments, etc.
  • Rental, servicing, and upkeep of automobiles;
  • menus, specials, and online delivery orders for restaurants of all kinds;
  • Places to have fun and relax: clubs
  • cosmetics sector appointment setting, dynamic pricing, and detailed service descriptions;
  • ordering, and pricing procedures for delivery and retail establishments;
  • Schedule, online registration, and feedback for health and beauty classes;
  • any company that provides services to customers.

As a user or client, you are already aware of all the features. So, I feel like you must get your answer now.


It’s 2023, and every company, whether it’s a startup, an enterprise, or an already well-established market player, needs a mobile app. After reading the above, you should have a firm grasp on why mobile apps are important for your company.

If you haven’t thought about making a mobile app for your business yet, you’re falling behind the competition. For the best results, start making your plans right away so you can get ahead of the competition and keep moving forward. The only things you’ll need are a unique concept for a mobile app and the contact information for a reliable company that offers app development services.

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